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Why Won’t You Ask For Help? 5/5 Jenny Price

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My favorite cartoon as a kid was Tom and Jerry.

It reminded me of me and my twin sister.  Tam and Jenny.  It was always the same thing – over and over – crisis after crisis.  (That’s not the part that reminded me of me and my sister)

And it all wrapped up in the end of the 30 minutes.

But what would that show be with only a Tom?

Or only a Jerry?

It wouldn’t be a show at all.

Same goes for:

The Lone Ranger and Tonto

Wally and Beaver

Batman and Robin

Professor and Marianne

Richie and The Fonz

Without the pair, there is nothing.  No show.  No crisis.  No level of interest whatsoever.

Same goes for:


We are not meant to go it alone.  Not today.  Not tomorrow.  Not even yesterday.

Why Won’t I Ask for Help?

I don’t think I am worth it.

I don’t deserve it.

She is busy enough already.

I don’t really need that much help.  I’ll be fine.

“Look at the birds of the air;  they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?”  Matthew 6:26


Places I avoided help:

Depression – When I was depressed (and I didn’t know it), I avoided people at all costs.  I didn’t answer the phone.  I didn’t pick up the phone to dial out.  I hid in the bathroom at church.  I used my kids to hide behind.  I simply did not want to explain what I could not even explain to myself.  One of the tell-tale signs of depression is denial – “I’m fine.  I’m fine!  I’M FINE!!!”  Well, I wasn’t.  I was far from FINE.  It took my husband, my mom, and a close friend, and medical professionals to get me past my unwillingness to reach out for help.  Thank God for all of them.

Marriage trials – We’d been married almost ten years.  We were FINE!  Except, we weren’t.  We fought the same fights.  Said the same hurtful words.   Pushed the same buttons.  We needed help.  We both had to ADMIT that though.   It took us months to get there.  Months – made up of days – made up of hours – of avoidance, shut down, passive aggressive patterns. But, when we finally BOTH hit the wall, we HAD to reach out.  So, we did.  7 months of marriage counseling.  Week after week.  New patterns.  New systems.  New practices.  We both had to look at our junk.  We both sought the help, and received it.  And thank God for that time.  We truly do not practice the crazy chaos that we had before.  We are much more willing to go to healthy places, and we don’t take nearly as long to get there.

Ministry Mentor – I’m supposed to have it all together.  I don’t need help.  I’m the spiritual leader/pastor’s wife that doesn’t have any problems.  I’m the ONE you go to with YOUR stuff.  So, I don’t have time for my own stuff.   Heck, I don’t even have STUFF.  When I got saved,  He healed me of all my insecurities and hurts.  YEAH right!!!!  I needed help and denied it (subconsciously) for years.  I had many great friends, and they were constant encouragements to me.  I had my mom – hugely a spiritual mentor to me, but still, she’s my mom.  I needed that person that would let me spill it all -no strings attached – and boldly be honest with me.  Both Matt and I hit this realization at a pretty critical time in our ministry.  And thank God, he has met that need – mostly because WE saw our need for it.  Not because he was holding out on us.

THOSE HELPERS ARE OUT THERE – it just takes a little helplessness, humility, and heartfelt willingness – and the help is there.

If He gave Tom to Jerry, and if He gave Tonto to the Lone Ranger, and if He cares for even the birds of the air – don’t you think He has some help out there for you too?


Who are your best helpers?  What makes them helpers?  Have you struggled to ask for help in your life?  In what areas?

i woke up yesterday and i needed help!  jenny

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  • http://iwokeupyesterday.com iwokeupyesterday

    my best helper and teachers are the ones who accepted me as I was, broken and needy. they reached out to me and gave me hope that i could have restored hope and joy. thanks for being one of my best helpers for 40 years. love you sister, tam

  • http://soundtracksfromlife.wordpress.com soundtracksfromlife

    “I can do it by myself!” is the mantra of 4 year-olds! It’s the lie in the garden, that we are self-sufficient, needless and wantless. The first “not good” that God spoke was over man’s aloneness. How grateful I am for those who have let me be a Mess and loved me enough to show me I was still worth their time and effort.

  • MandyJohnson

    I too have spent way too much time in “Fineville” ! When I have opened that door to venture out I have been “brokenly Blessed” and the shackles are loosened ! Why it is so hard, I do not know. But I do know that those
    Man made shackles are coming off because of Jesus!:)

    • http://iwokeupyesterday.com iwokeupyesterday

      yes, our Redeemer came to save us from our junk. thank you mandy for your example!

When you join our free email newsletter list, you will receive our first eBook, Wake Up Calls. Sign Up Below.
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