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“If you are looking for more freedom or faith in your life, listen to these ladies. They know what they are talking about, because they have lived it.” ~Jeff Goins, Author of Wrecked

Making the Shift from Thanksgiving to “Thanks-living”

What if we allowed Thanksgiving to shift us into a lifestyle of “Thanks-living”? Thanksgiving is an event while Thanks-living is a lifestyle. Thanksgiving is a holiday, celebrating freedom and gratitude, filled with food, fun and rest. Thanks-living is an attitude of the heart and a mindset that declares every moment that we are thankful. Thanks-living […]

When Adoption Makes You Angry, Adoptive Mom – Alea Fitzgerald

I stumbled my way into becoming an adoptive parent. It wasn’t a lifelong plan. It wasn’t something my husband and I had discussed prior to marriage. It just kind of happened. I somehow found myself the mother of three children that I had not birthed, that had been loved and treasured by their enat (the […]

Sometimes the World is Just a Really Hard Place, Adoptive Mom – Alea Fitzgerald

Alea Fitzgerald, Adoptive Mom, will be  featured guest contributor for this month.  Adoption Awareness is emphasized in November, and yet, every month, every week, every moment – adoptive children and adoptive moms and adoptive families are living in awareness – breath by breath, hurt by hurt, celebratory moment by moment. Enjoy Alea’s heart: “Sometimes” On […]

Consider Respite Care (For Even Just One), Guest post from foster mom “B”

November is National Adoption Awareness month so we will be sharing about the heart of adoption in foster care as well this month. This guest post from our friend “B” who is a passionate, devoted, Christ honoring Foster Parent.  Her call is to all of us. But it’s not her call.  It’s HIS.  Hear more […]

Are you Listening? Tammy Bolt Werthem

  My husband and I just returned from an amazing mountain retreat in Shenandoah Valley. We spent our time hiking, reading, reflecting, wondering, daydreaming and soaking in the beauty of fall all around us. What a gift to get away and rest before the hustle and bustle this time of year brings. I chose to […]

What He’s Teaching Me, Jenny Price

You know how life happens, more than usual on some days, or some months, or even some years.  That’s when He teaches me the most. That’s when He blesses us with more of Him – with His Eyes for the Big Picture.  I like learning and it hurts. I love getting to know Jesus and […]

Life Lessons from Success (Warning: May Not be What You Think) by Michelle D. Howe

I’ve heard many times and even said it myself that you don’t learn from success only from failure. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. Last week I asked the question on Facebook, “What life lessons have you learned from Failure?” There were many good ones and I blogged about the responses at IWokeUpYesterday.com. […]

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